Kolekole Pass

The fertile central plain of Oahu is a world apart from the laidback, rural Waianae Coast,
home to a fiercely proud Hawaiian community that ekes out a lower-middle-class living
on the dry leeward side.

Central Oahu has been blanketed with fields of pineapple and sugar for decades,
and Dole Plantation keeps alive the memory of the days when pineapple shared
the top economic position in Hawaii with sugar.

Time did not permit us to visit or see any of the pineapple plantation fields and souvenir
shops.  We did however enjoy fresh Hawaiian pineapple at Millie’s house every day.

Created eons ago by the pooling of lava between the Koolau and Waianae mountains,
Oahu’s central plain’s second most important economic factor is the military presence,
which includes historic Schofield Barracks, immortalized in James Jones’s From Here
to Eternity, and Wheeler Air Force Base.

Schofield Barracks, said to be the most beautiful military base in the world, is the
gateway to Kolekole Pass.  Kolekole Pass is the lowest point on the Waianae
mountain range.  There are two short trails at Kolekole Pass and large roadside signs
mark the beginning of both.  One trail leads to the base of a large white steel cross and the
other leads to Kolekole Rock.  Each has a grand view of Oahu’s central plain.

Visitors with military identification can enjoy a tour of Schofield, and perhaps a drive
up to Kolekole Pass, which made history when Japanese Zeros flew through on their
way to Pearl Harbor in 1941.

We entered at Schofield Barracks Army Base and stopped at the trail to the rock and at the
lookout.  From there you are on Navy property which contains ammunitions storage and a
radio transmitting facility.  After you enter the ammunitions area, you are not allowed
to stop and no photos are allowed.
Background picture is part of the trail that goes out to the Kolekole Pass Rock.
We did not go out on this trail;
a kind military person and his family took the pictures of the rock and surroundings for us.
Sign at entrance to trail.

Below is the rock

Further below is some
scenery near the rock.
Kolekole Lookout

Above - Cheryl & Millie
Right - Sybil & Millie
Below - Sybil & Cheryl
Some scenes
from the lookout.
Some scenes
the Navy side of
Kolekole Road
before entering
the ammunitions
Updated July 2012
Sybil Vaughn
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