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I am the previous caregiver for precious little Silky Terriers
and am privileged to know lots of people in the Silky world.  
I don't have a Silky right now;
I am waiting for just the right one.

On these pages are breed specific information about
the Australian Silky Terrier, contacts for the national
breed  club and the Silky Terrier rescue group.

Lots of Silky Pictures

Cute Dog Stories and Poems

Thought-provoking Poems and Narratives

Answers to the questions:
Why shouldn't I buy dogs from pet stores?
What do I need to know about puppy mills?
What is a back yard breeder?
What about those animal rights groups?
Some dangers and health concerns.

Personal Pages

Some Pages About Me (Sybil Vaughn),
My Family, Some of my Friends,
Co-Workers, and My Hobbies
and Interests

Those who know me or have interests
in common may enjoy these pages.

Christian, Inspirational, and
Patriotic Pages

The Roman Road
My Memories of 9-11
Several Patriotic Pages
Several Inspirational Poems

Hope you will be blessed by viewing these pages.

Some of My Poems

I dabbled in poetry a little way back
in high school, something I laid aside
as I reached adulthood.

A couple of years ago,
I was inspired to try again.

I've been writing mostly about personal
experiences. I've found that if I need
material for a particular occasion, it
seems better if I say it from the heart.

Memorial Pages

Tributes to our beloved humans who have
reached the other side.

Millie's Hero

The Rainbow Bridge

Tributes to Precious Pets Who are No Longer With Us

Holiday Pages

Holiday Material
Here I have created pages for several
major holidays.

Whimsical Section
Smiles and Giggles

These are some emails and
other goodies I came across
that I thought were worthy
of keeping.
I regret that I have to innactivate my guestbook.   
Someone who could certainly put their time and talents
to a better use has chosen to continuously bombard my
guestbook with annoying and sometimes vulgar spam.
Do use the email link to the right to send me any
comments or questions.
Many of the graphics used in this website were
purchased from Graphics Factory.  It is illegal
to copy their copyrighted material.
Click Here for List of Links to Other Websites.
Credits for graphics, music, and certain
information found here.


My website name tells who I am.

SBV = my initials

Then look at DR & CR (debits & credits).

That means that I am an accountant.

Then my adorable Silky Terriers
have brought balance to my life.

So DR Silky = CR Silky
because as we know debits must equal credits!

Yes I know it sounds corny but we
accountants are many times considered strange.
Many of my pages are very graphic-intense
therefore they may take a while for
everything on them to load and align.
Thank you for your patience.
CHRISTINA II - 09/30/88 - 11/20/99
CH FRIANT'S INDY ANNA - 05/03/92 - 05/08/06
06/08/00 - 09/16/2015
FRIANT'S AND VAUGHN'S MISTY - 09/02//99 - 11/29/12
Sybil Brooks Vaughn
Updated May 2013


New section of recipes I've
gathered over the years.

My Family Tree

I have done some research on my
family tree, thanks to
and other sources.  I would like to
share what I've found with other
family members.
Music by Garner NC native,
Scotty McCreery